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“Transition from paper charts to EHR can be very scary. We looked at more than a dozen systems and selected Doctorsoft in 2013. We like the 1-page exam, user interface, training, support and simple referring doctor letter generation.

Implementation was surprisingly easier than anticipated. Our practice (BVA) is a multiple location practice with ‘hub and spoke’ satellites, so we rolled out the conversion sequentially, one hub office at a time over a 6 month period.

With Doctorsoft onsite training and ongoing electronic support; good staff and doctor preparation and commitment to the process – transition to EHR has been easier than expected. We were able to do the conversion without even reducing or limiting our patient schedules at many locations.”


The reason I selected Doctorsoft is that it was not a difficult transition from paper. (It is the) closest I will ever get to the simplicity of paper. (I am) never more than 1 or 2 clicks away from where I want to be. Also, more than one of us can be in the patient file which allows us to be more efficient, thus increasing productivity.”

VICTOR GONZALES, MDValley Retina McAllen, TX

“This is definitely an EHR to consider and demo. I was surprised how well it has been accepted by the staff. It interfaces with our billing and scheduling software, so we didn’t have to change our business office and front desk systems. DoctorSoft was cheaper and easier to implement into the practice than I ever imagined. Because it is cloud-based, updates to the program come frequently to continually improve the application. Check it out.”

JAMES PATTERSON, MDColorado Ophthalmology Associates Denver, CO

“I have used a number of electronic medical records in both academic and private practice. These include Compulink, Chartlogic, NextGen, HCIT, and Epic, and even designed one of my own in the year 2000. The important thing to me (when I designed my own and a feature that is shared with Doctorsoft) is that the whole examination be on a single page for quick glance at vision, pressure and diagrams. This is a unique and wonderful feature of this program.

My technicians learned the Doctorsoft software more quickly than I did! This is important because they had used one of the other more difficult to use EHR software programs, and they found the Doctorsoft software extremely easy and intuitive. This facilitated complete buy-in; something that is difficult to achieve with most other software. This is Priceless.

While I found it difficult to give up my paper charts, I have been pleasantly surprised with the notations that I can make on the drawings (they are super easy); and I do my operative notes and consents within the EMR, a huge savings of time. The patient also can give procedure consent by writing on the iPad, something that is very handy.

Another terrific advantage is showing the patient OCT, fundus and IVFA pictures on the iPad; and enlarging and pointing out features of the images while the patient holds the iPad where they can see it. They really like this.

An immense time saver from the dictation standpoint is that I am able to use the Dragon NaturallySpeaking Medical software (10.1.) or Siri voice software on the iPad to dictate within the Doctorsoft program. This allows me to dictate the fundus, IVFA, and OCT findings on the spot. While I am looking at them with the patient I also dictate my provider letters within the software using the voice recognition technology; thus, reducing transcription fees.

Overall, I am extremely pleased that I have invested in this technology. I hope to be able to help improve it with occasional suggestions which are always well received by the helpful and thoughtful staff.”

MANDI D. CONWAY, MD, FACSArizona Retinal Specialists Sun City West, AZ

“We just installed Doctorsoft into our practice in September 2013. I was impressed by how quickly and easily our doctors and staff learned how to use it and incorporate it into our practice. Within a couple of weeks we were back to our normal patient load without any problems. The program is much more intuitive than so many other EHR systems out there, and even our older and less technologically savvy staff were able to learn how to use the program without much difficulty.

The program is cloud based, making it accessible from any device with an internet connection (including iPads, cell phones, etc.). This is great for ease of use in any location, but also made the installation process easy without having to buy a lot of expensive equipment.

Additionally, the ability to upload and view diagnostic test within the program is very easy. We installed the program only 3 weeks prior to starting our 90 day meaningful use attestation period and every single doctor in our practice qualified for meaningful use at the end of the 90 day period.

The cost is also much more affordable than most of the other products out there, and the product itself, in my opinion, is better. The vendor support has been great.

If you are at all interested in incorporating an EHR into your ophthalmology practice, you have to at least check this one out. You’ll be able to see for yourself the difference immediately.”

AMY T. KELMENSON, MDColorado Ophthalmology Associates Denver, CO

“I am a general ophthalmologist using Doctorsoft for 2 years. My efficiency in the clinic was increased from 6 patients /hr to 10 patients /hr. Doctorsoft is easy to use and the training was excellent. Doctorsoft is very intuitive so office staff was impressed as to how fast they where able to use it, I can use anywhere I go in multiple office, other city and countries and at home on any browser based device such as desktop, laptop, or tablet computer or all phones. One of the best parts of Doctorsoft EHR is that I did not have decrease the number of patient I see in order to increase my utilization of EHR. Over all I am very happy with Doctorsoft and would highly recommend this to any ophthalmologist!”

ERICK R. MORALES, MDOxnard Eye Associates Oxnard, CA

“After playing with a “demo patient” for a few hours and memorizing some of my common “signs” and “diagnoses”, I was using the program very comfortably by my second day in the office. I love the ability to see the entire exam on one page and to make drawings to document my findings as I would do on a paper chart.

It is very easy to review previous visits and to review & compare digital tests. Also uploading and then being able to review previous paper charts and testing is very easy. This program made the transition to EHR quite painless and I think will become even more useful over time as more of our patients are entered.

It is great to be able to use an iPad, laptop, desktop, or whatever and access my patient data from any location. Makes billing simple by automatically coding my diagnoses and easily generates excellent individually customized letters to whomever you like….great time saver.”

RICHARD KELMENSON, MDColorado Ophthalmology Associates Denver, CO

“Doctorsoft has made access to complete and accurate patient charts simple, convenient and fast. This has resulted in better patient care. Additionally, the unique approach to Meaningful Use, availability of educational resources, and excellent support has ensured our success in this process.”

ABDUL RASHEED KHAN, MDSouthwest Eye Clinics, P.A. Mesquite, TX

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