Advantages Of Doctorsoft

Doctorsoft is the industry’s easiest specialty-specific EHR system to purchase, implement, learn and use; requiring minimal training to get up to speed and to train new and existing staff. We know this because the system was developed by an ophthalmologist using it in clinical practice with his/her staff. Our users have gotten up to speed in about 1-3 months without decreasing the number of patients seen per day.

Benefits of Using Doctorsoft:

  • Efficient
  • Ease of Use
  • Economic Value
  • PQRS with  IRIS Registry
  • ICD-10 Ready
  • Meaningful Use Stage 2 Fully Certified
    (100% of Doctorsoft Users Attested Successfully to MU 2 in 2015)
  • Fully Integrated Practice Management, with most PM System
  • Meaningful Use Compliant
  • All Customer Support is Included from a Clinically Trained Staff
  • Custom Options for Custom Needs
  • Dictation – Stop typing and Start talking
  • Minimum Hardware
  • Easy to Integrate in the Ophthalmic Workflow
  • Multiple Users Can Simultaneous Use to EHR, Increasing the Number of Patients Seen Per Hour
  • Access from Anywhere and Any Device with Internet Connection
  • Image Viewing Software One-Page Visit Summary

EHR Customer Satisfaction

The ASOA (American Society of Ophthalmic Administrators), ASCRS (American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery) worked with McKinley Advisors to gather information about Customer Satisfaction on various EHRs through a customer satisfaction survey.

From their report, we found that many ophthalmic practices are becoming fully integrated with an EHR system. We also found that successful meaningful use reporting is one of the key drivers of high levels of customer satisfaction.

There were several key indicators that influenced customer satisfaction:

  • The use of EHR systems is becoming more widespread among ophthalmic practices
  • There has been a slight decline in overall satisfaction over the past two years
  • Length of systems use and the ability to complete Stage 2 meaningful use has notable impacts on overall satisfaction levels
  • The value of EHR systems is primarily driven by the ability to meet meaningful use
  • EHR systems are not widely perceived to lead to increase efficiencies and productivity within practices
  • Compared to two years ago, practices are significantly more likely to have received payments for Stage 1 meaningful use
  • Some users are significantly less likely to feel prepared for future stages of meaningful use when compared to 2013


We hope this information has helped you. From our records, it shows that Doctorsoft has high levels of patient satisfaction when dealing with Meaningful Use reporting. In the past, 100%* of Doctorsoft users successfully reported for Meaningful Use Stage 1 and 73%* for Meaningful Use Stage 2. To found out more about how Doctorsoft can help increase patient satisfaction or how Doctorsoft users have obtained Meaningful Use Stage 1 & Stage 2 please look for upcoming post.

To request a demo, please click here or call (855) 377 – 6381

Source: ASOA – ASCRS 2015 EHR Customer Satisfaction Report